What is the Difference Between 1AC, 2AC, and 3AC in Indian Railways?

Indian Railways are the backbone of the transport system. One may look for high class, means AC coach, when he or she is planning for long-distance travel which may take more than a day.

Let’s see what are the major difference between 1st AC coach, 2nd AC coach, and 3rd AC coach in terms of facilities offered. To make things simple I have made a table for all comparisons.

Indian Railways
1st AC Coach2nd AC Coach3rd AC Coach
Also known asFirst-class Air-Conditioned coach.Second-tier Air-Conditioned coach.Third-tier Air-Conditioned coach.
Number of Berths2 or 4 in the Compartment.2 in the Aisle and 4 in the Compartment.2 in the Aisle and 6 in the Compartment.
FoodProvided complimentary.Team and snacks (maybe) provided complimentarily.Not provided.
BeddingPillow, sheets, and blankets are provided complimentaryPillow, sheets, and blankets are provided complimentaryPillow, sheets, and blankets are provided complimentary
BathroomMostly clean, with a shower, and even toilet paper roll.Fairly clean but lacks shower.May, or, may not be clean, depending on how people use it.
FareMost expensive. Similar to Airlines Sometimes.Less expensive than 1AC, more than 3AC.Cheaper in the ACs, but more than non-AC.

These are the main difference between 1st AC, 2nd AC, and 3rd AC coach in Indian Railways?

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