“PSP Not Available” in BHIM: Solution

BHIM is now most favorite online payment service which is backed by Government of India to enable cashless payments using UPI (Unified Payment Interface). Due to its heavy user base sometimes BHIM also faces system errors, in this article we will see PSP Not Available.

What is PSP in banking term?

PSP (Payment Service Provider) means a technology service in a UPI ecosystem that acts on behalf of banks to make or receive payments. You may encounter this issue when the bank is down for any reason and you cannot perform normal banking functions such as: checking bank balance, or transfer funds to other banks.

What to do if you encounter “PSP Not Available” error?

First of all relax, PSP errors are handled by banking system, and we account holders are not responsible for this error. You can wait a couple of minutes or read the downtime instructions provided by the banks.

Some banks are known for the downtime, and if your account is with that too, it is common to see this error. To be honest SBI (State Bank of India) is very common one. Although the issue remains with all Private and Public banks, it is on banks to use the down time smartly instead in the middle of working hours.


There is nothing we can do here to make it work, just wait and let the bank fix their downtime.

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