Is 83°C too hot for a GPU?

In high-end computers, GPUs easily hit 83 Degree Celsius temperature when you are editing, gaming, or in a rare case mining cryptos. But isn’t this too hot for a GPU? Is 83 GPU temp bad or safe? What is the ideal GPU temperature under load? Technically, if you are not overclocking means you are under safe limits.

Manufacturers do not allow their GPUs to kill itself when it is warming up too much. Best, it will disable the boost or start throttling the performance if temperatures are not going down to cool down to safe limits.

So, unless you are manually not overclocking or managing the limits you are safe, and your GPU too.

But take a few lines under your rule book when you face such things.

Constant 83°C (181.4°F) is not good for a GPU in a long run, inspect what is going wrong. Check whether the Cabinet is chocking the air ventilation. Clean dusts in regular intervals. Install more fans if needed.

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