How to set UPI PIN without a debit card?

UPI PIN is a four to a six-digit number that you’ve to set during linking the bank account with UPI. To set the PIN you’ve to proceed with debit card details.


But sometimes users don’t want to use their debit card details for safety issues, or they never had a debit card issued by the bank. In this case, is there any way to get UPI PIN without a debit card? Unfortunately, there is no other way to set a UPI PIN without a debit card. A debit card is required to verify your authenticity.

So without a debit card you can not set UPI PIN.


If you worry about debit card charges, you can opt for the cheapest debit card and contact your bank to issue a RuPay debit card which is way cheaper.

Debit cards of MasterCard and VISA cost more due to foreign services. RuPay was created to secure the electronic payment and settlement system in India. This nullifies any charges and costs involved in debit card transactions.

So you need to request at least a RuPay debit card to set UPI PIN.

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