Can you go to jail for torrenting?

Torrenting is something we have used in our life and honestly speaking it is the best way to download the file without burdening actual download server. This P2P (Peer-to-Peer) network is the most efficient way of distributing files.

But everything has a bad side too and the torrent has a big bad side. No one can remove the distribution of a file if it gets on this network even it is copyrighted material. Many movies get leaked on torrents and users are downloading them without worrying about the illegal activity and loss to the owner. This is where things go bad.

Can you go to jail for torrenting?

To be clear, NO, you’ll not go to jail for browsing, downloading, sharing, and redistributing free files. But doing the same with copyrighted materials can lead to some serious trouble where the jail is a small sentence.

In conclusion, you don’t get arrested for using Torrent. Torrent is just a file copy protocol that very efficiently moves files around the Internet. You get arrested for downloading licensed content for which you do not have a license.

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