Best Laptop Brands for 2019: Unbiased Review

Are you looking for a laptop by the best brands then you’re in the right place. Every day the technology is getting improved, as a result, many brands started manufacturing laptops.

Almost a decade ago there were only a few manufacturers who were in the laptop business, but now there are many brands.

Fortunately, due to healthy competition prices are affordable now. Today it is no luxury to have a decent laptop at home or office.

All modern-day laptops are stocked with efficient CPU, faster RAM, snappier storage options like SSD or NVMe which offers you considerably better efficiency to finish regular tasks easily.

Even some lightweight ultrabook barely use electric energy, and it can be operated for long on battery during a power outage.

For most of us, laptops are the first choice!

But with lots of options, it’s a really difficult job to choose one from the best laptop brands.

That’s why we held research and evaluated a list of top-rated best laptop brands in the world based on our various frameworks like brand’s overall market value, innovations they add, the laptop’s built quality, and after-sales service.

Not all the brands are created equal; every single laptop manufacturer has its own design, and research for their audience.

Atul Kumar Pandey

Best Laptop Brands

Based on current market trends, these are the top laptop brands.


01: HP “Hewlett-Packard”

Winner in the Best Laptop Brands’ Category.

HP, also known as “Hewlett-Packard” is an American company and when it comes to computers it’s one of the most recognized and valuable brands.

HP offers the laptop with a balanced combo of functionality and style, thus ranked top among the consumers. HP laptops are mostly aimed towards a wide range of consumers like home users, office users, and students.

HP has comprehensive models like Spectre, Envy, Elitebook, Probook, Zbook, Notebook, Pavilion, Chromebook. One can select the HP brand without any issue.


02: Dell

The Best Selling Laptop Brand.

Dell is a US multinational computer technology company that empowers numerous countries, various communities, customers, to use technology for benefits. If you want a perfect laptop brand that offers the best combination of unbelievable performance and quality after-sale services then Dell comes first. Dell is a renowned brand that has been designing laptops for masses.

Dell offers various laptop models like XPS, Alienware (for high-end gamers), Precision, Inspiron, Latitude (for business users), Chromebook.


03: Lenovo

Most Affordable Yet Profession Brand.

Lenovo is a Chinese computer manufacturing company. The original name of Lenovo was Legend Holdings. Back in 2004 they changed their business name to Lenovo and later in 2005 they acquired the former Personal Computer Division of IBM, a company that invented the PC industry in 1981.

Today they are known for quality components and hardware and their laptops are simply reliable and last longer compared to others.

The designs of Lenovo laptops tend to be Dark or Gray and Nondescript. They might lack in style segment but comes with strong build quality.

Lenovo offers a wide range of laptop models like ThinkPad (for office users), Yoga, Legion (for high-end gamers), Flex and IdeaPad. Businesses, which require durable and sturdy laptops mostly like Lenovo brand first.


04: Asus

The Most Admired Laptop Brand.

ASUS is well known for its high-quality components and is the topmost laptop brand when it comes to affordability. Its laptops are available at different prices ranging from $300 to $2399 and the high-end models are aimed for premium users.

Their designs are solid and pretty straightforward while being a performance king that is why we ranked in on the 4th number on our best laptop brands list.


05: Alienware

A Desktop Grade Gaming Brand.

Alienware is an American hardware subsidiary of Dell. Which is known for their high-end gaming desktops and laptops and the Alienware brand is equally reliable as Dell for laptops and they have this separate line especially for gamers. All of their product design resembles the look of an alien. The worst side is they have no deal under $1000 which is the budget of most gamers.

If gaming is your main job and you want a laptop for this, Alienware is the best brand.


06: Razer

A Gaming Brand for Gamers, by Gamers.

Razer is an American based company which is specialized in computer hardware and knows especially for ultraportable gaming laptops. Razer Inc. is one of those company which has a deep footprint in the latest technology like the latest gaming equipment, wearable techs and all. Most of their laptops’ designs are a clone of MacBook Pro models: thin and lightweight, still, robust enough to compete against any popular gaming laptops.

If you want something out of the box Razer’s laptop makes sense to buy.


07: Acer

A Consumer-Friendly Brand.

Acer is highly recognized by the public and makes laptop and desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, monitors, projectors and cloud solutions for business as well as home users. It is common to see Acer devices around us like in the offices, internet cafés, supermarkets and also famous in the consumer segment. So whether you want a laptop for daily utility driver, ultimate portability or just simplicity, you can go with Acer.

Since they have everything for everyone it is not difficult to select their models.


08: Apple

The Best-in-Class Brand.

When it comes to the best laptop manufacturer that knows how to innovate and change the market, Apple stands foremost among them all. Their research and development are remarkable and ahead of its time. They have essentially revolutionized many an industry with their products. Apple laptops are renowned for their build class and come with ease of using features. The overall design tends to be excellent and elegant, which is the main feature of Apple machines. However, some of their recent design changes are famous for serious critics (like – butterfly keyboard flaws, unbearable overheating issues due to its slim design) still they are better for creative users who look for easy to use and reliable daily driver. Just avoid Apple laptop brand for gaming it’s not focused on it.

If you are not on a budget, then it is a good choice.


09: MSI

A Most Reliable Gaming Brand.

MSI is well known for high-quality motherboards and dedicated graphics cards but now they have entered into Laptop manufacturing. While it is not the right choice for people on a very tight budget but their products have high-quality components that make sense to invest in. Their most of the laptops are available around $1,000-$1,500 and are the most reliable one for mediocre and high-end users.

Gamer, and editor or heavy tasker users can go with MSI.


10: Microsoft

An Official Microsoft’s Inhouse Brand.

Microsoft is a new contender on this list of best laptop brands and with their latest Surface Book and Surface Pro lines, they have already gained lots of attention from the users. Most of the models are sleek in design and facilitate touch screens to support Windows 10 out of the box. Their laptops are dependable and function as advertised.

If you want a premium design with a powerful system it is a worth to invest in Microsoft laptops. In the United States, it has a solid reputation and offers excellent service.


11: LG

A New Contender in the Best Laptop Brands.

LG is a South Korean based multinational electronics company, and they are known for a wide variety of home electronics like AC, Fridge, TV, Monitors, Projectors, Mobiles and more. LG just took a step ahead and launched its initial laptop line to grab some attention from the laptop’s market too.

LG Gram is LG’s only laptop series which is successful and still known as one of the best ultrabooks when it comes to offering excellent battery life. LG has nothing more to offer here, but whatever they have is the best. May be in the future they will launch some more series to capture the laptop’s market share.


12: Huawei

Just New in the Best Laptop Brands.

Huawei is a Chinese multinational technology company that is a quite new contender in the industry of the laptop market. Even though they started in 2018 for a laptop’s market, the brand has successfully attracted a significant amount of users’ attention. Their MateBook X Pro is an awesome laptop with value and performance; it also wins our heart in a first look. But, the tech support for this brand is very limited and outside China doesn’t exist at all, which led the Huawei brand to debut.

I am leaving the decision on you to make your own note to make it best or worst.


13: Samsung

The Best Notebook Brand.

Samsung has garnered a lot of reputations in the last few years for its tech innovations and consumer electronics. So how can Samsung be behind in the laptop industry? Samsung also manufactures laptops for almost every kind of user including gamers. It has been manufacturing laptops at a different price point, whether you are on a tight budget or have enough money, you can get the one that gratifies your needs.

Samsung usually names their laptop lineup as “Notebook” and some of their known series are Notebook 9, Notebook 7, Notebook 5, Notebook Flash, and Notebook Odyssey (build for gaming).

This is the list of best laptop brands which can be considered as the best buy. To conclude everything just looks for highest-rated laptop brands, because they are reliable and quality-wise always wins.

Shopping Bag

Essential Laptop Buying Guide

After knowing what are all laptop brands list still, there are few (technical) things to look before jumping to a conclusion. Let’s see what are those common tips.

Pick a Platform (Windows/MacOS/Linux)


Most of us will say Windows OS because the majority of us are familiar with it. Still, there are few platforms like apart from Microsoft’s Windows OS which are Apple’s macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS. Just make sure what are you going to use.

Let’s say if you looking for Linux platform then better look for proper driver support from the laptop brand or manufacturer. Otherwise, after purchase, you may face driver issues.

The same thing applies to software too, if your main job is to work on excel and word, better invest in Windows laptops which actually makes sense.

Having a “MacBook Pro” is the dream of every editor.

So be clear here first then step ahead for other tips.

Decide Form Factor and Size

Laptop Form Factor and Size

These days laptop comes in various form factors like a normal laptop, ultrabook as in slim form factor, gaming laptop as in high end uses, and 2-in-1 convertible laptop. So choose wisely because anything other than a normal laptop is always expensive. Now come to various sizes laptops come in…

  • 11-12 Inch: Good for portability and extream long battery life.
  • 13-14 Inch: Offers the best combination of portability and performance.
  • 15-16 Inch: Offers smooth performance as dedicated graphics are there.
  • 17+ Inch: Good as in desk only laptop. Not made for portability but best for heavy-duty workloads and offers a bigger screen to work without additional display.

The 13-14 inch laptops are the best choice for almost any kind of user and you won’t require larger or smaller ones unless you are planning to do something special.

Check for Keyboard and TouchPad


A laptop is nothing without a good keyboard and accurate touchpad. Before making any quick decision just look on the laptop’s keyboard and touchpad reliability.

Your aim should be on better tactile keys. Avoid rubbery keys.

About touchpad, make sure it works perfectly while moving on the screen, scrolling through long pages and clicks properly.

In some affordable models, manufacturers use low-quality key material which slows us all the time, so it is better to check that out before making buying decisions.

SPECS are Everything! Don’t Ignore it


Now, this is a long part. Which requires a dedicated article. Still, there are quick things I can show. Just look and make your own words.

In CPU side you’ll see Intel and AMD. Intel offers Intel i7 > Intel i5 > intel i3 similarly AMD offers Ryzen 7 > Ryzen 5 > Ryzen 3. Intel i3 and Ryzen 3 is good for basic workloads. Intel i5 and Ryzen 5 is good for mediocre workloads. Intel i7 and Ryzen 7 is good for heavy workloads. You will find more variety or more names too.

RAM which is also known as the system’s memory improves the overall speed of the laptop by buffering most of its ongoing data to its volatile memory. The bigger memory will be the snappier will be the laptop. Our recommendation is at least 8GB.

Storage is another thing which we need to consider. We’ll leave it on you what size you want. Here we’re just covering some technical parts. Just remember this rule M.2 NVME > M.2 SSD > SSD > HDD. In our opinion, anything above SSD is better. HDDs are good too but they consume more power and wear off quickly.

GPU is yet another thing to look into. A CPU can not handle extensive graphical workloads as it will heat more and will be inefficient that’s why a dedicated GPU comes in the story. You will find NVIDIA’s GTX and RTX line and AMD’s Radeon line. Based on your work profile you can choose one to make most of it.

The display of a laptop is the most missed section. So do little research here too. All of us should always prefer an IPS or VA display over TN and if you are looking for a gaming laptop then look for a display with more than 60Hz.

Last is connectivity options like USB, USB-C, HDMI Port, SD Card Slot, and similar ports. Considering all the future aspects consider a laptop with at least a USB Type-C Port. Since it is becoming a standard for all the modern laptops it is needed for the future.

Opt for the Best Battery Life


Now we come to an actual end here.

But just look for the battery life of the laptop. Most of the ultra-portable laptops offer a full-day battery life, where a normal laptop may give you about 6+ hours of battery life.

If you have selected a gaming laptop then forget the backup and keep in mind that no battery can run here for more than an hour or two while doing intensive work like editing for gaming.

Just make a wise decision here, if there is an option to extend battery for better backup then do it while you purchase it.


Math, Math, and Math! Because it is an Investment Time

In the end, do your own maths and make small keynotes about everything you have read above and get ready for an investment.

Just make a wise decision and buy the best laptop brand.


Your small research and this article about the best laptop brands will definitely help you to pick the right laptop brand for you or for someone you are buying for. Good luck.

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Hi, I'm Atul Kumar Pandey; also known as AtulHost on the web, a full-time blogger by profession with an objective of sharing fresh and honest contents in business and technology niche.

34 replies on “Best Laptop Brands for 2019: Unbiased Review”

Whenever I go for a laptop purchase, one question always triggers in mind about the best and worst laptop brands. But looking at the scorecard and research you have done for all those laptop brands I’m pretty much confident that I’ll buy the best one. I have decided to go with either Dell or Lenovo brand as both are easily available to me with the best deals.

Thanks, AtulHost for making this awesome list of best laptop brands. It is really helpful for a user like me who is looking for a new laptop. I have one doubt about laptop’s Graphics, here is my question:

Do I need dedicated graphics if I’m into editing a lot?

Most people think that they don’t need graphics unless they are into editing. It’s half true because there are some applications which demand dedicated graphics. Although those apps work on integrated graphics too; the performance will be average and time-consuming. Also, if you want the benefits of HD Games, your laptop must have the right amount of graphics memory too.

We don’t recommend going for dedicated graphics unless you have any of these requirements. In all other instances, the integrated graphics by Intel is just enough to move on.

On the other hand, if you are planning to do some intensive editing or wants to play some high-end games, definitely go with a laptop with dedicated graphics.

Hi Atul, I would like to add my opinion. In the USA, Apple and Dell are the most trusted and well-known laptop brand. Of course, other laptop brands are doing good like Acer, Asus, Alienware, HP, and Lenovo. Microsoft has just started its own lineup.

Authentic review for the best laptop brands, you have done a remarkable job Atul.

I used to be a fan of Apple’s all device and those time they were undoubtedly on top, but their main support system is dying nimbly.

This is my personal opinion that after Steve Jobs I didn’t see any fruitful innovation.

Kinda true, the service industry is the biggest factor why a laptop brand becomes number one but these days Apple seriously fails to do so. Thanks for your feedback.

If you’ll ask me which laptop manufacturer is the best. I will definitely vote for Dell for home and office use and for editing and gaming there are some dedicated brands are Razer, MSI, and Alienware.

Hi Atul, It’s really wonderful article. Well, I would like to know which one is the most durable laptop for everyday use out of Dell, Asus, lenovo, Toshiba?

Hi Vignu, It is not the right way to pick the brand. Almost all brands are good for daily uses. The specific need and requirement makes us to justify a brand to pick.

Hey dude, you are giving really a piece of good information to people to select not only their brands but quality brands of laptops and peripherals, etc., Thanks.

Hey Atul,

Glad to read your informative post and it is a fully interesting topic because we know very well how people are fond of laptop and its brand. Selecting a laptop of good configuration is really a big deal, we have to become choosy of mainly processor and ram which are very significant organs of any laptop to boost speed.

You have shown the best brand of laptop and they really are known for their genius performance. I have used HP and Dell laptops and have really a good experience with me. This list will really very helpful for people for make their choice. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy information with us.

With best wishes,
Amar Kumar

Don’t mind my words. but Sony already sold out its business from the laptop’s market. VAIO was a decent model; now there are other brands that serve better models.

Here in the Philippines the dominant brands are Acer, Asus and Lenovo laptops. Can you suggest sir, what models are best suitable for me if I want a laptop that can provide a good gaming experience in the range of $400-600? Thank you.

I would recommend then Acer Aspire E5, Asus F556UA and Lenovo ThinkPad 13. Pick any one whichever you like most.

Hello Atul, is it good to buy a used laptop on ebay or any online website. I want to buy a used Asus F555LD with 2.6 GHz speed and an Intel core i7 4510U Processor. What is your take in that.

It depends upon many scenarios. First of all, there is 2 kind of used laptops as the first one is “2nd Hand” and another one is “Certified Refurbished”. We all know what is the second-hand product is, it is used one by its previous owner. Certified Refurbished is something we should look for it is a product that has been previously returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons. Refurbished products are normally tested for functionality and defects before they are sold.

Note: Always check for return policy and warranty period while purchasing used products. At the day end, it is your hard earned money.

Super list Atul! ASUS is awesome bro, as I have owned ’em in the past. Now I love my Acer Chromebook. Thanks for sharing.


Very well researched review on best laptop brands. Thumbs up for you.

As of now I am using Dell XPS 13 and I can say that it is one of the best laptop which I have tried and tested yet, just webcam placement is little weird.

Apple is slightly backed by their butterfly keys issues which they are not accepting as a total failure. I can say that because I used Apple’s MacBook Pro 13 Touch Bar edition and their keys just failed to register my key press most of the time.

Each laptop brand has its own plus and minus side. Unless we have very specific requirements choosing a best laptop brand is difficult.

Your list of of best laptop brands is trustworthy as your work is visible after reading such a nice review. You have gone through some serious work there Atul, keep it up.

Well you have written such a nice review on the best laptop brands, I would like to add my opinion here as well.

The choice of best laptop brands also depends on your needs.

Let’s say if you require the laptop for gaming then MSI, Razer Blade, and Asus are the best brands to go with. But if you need the laptop just for surfing the net, watching movies or playing light games on it then you can’t go wrong with the laptops from Dell, HP, and Lenovo as they are equally better. We can’t be very specific that this particular brand is better than the other one.

Hi, Atul. Thanks for the well-researched article! I got to know lots of new facts about the most known and unknown laptop brands.

I completely agree with you about the HP brand. HP is the most versatile and robust laptops and other tech gadgets manufacturers, which has dominated the market. Even when we talk about printers, this brand name comes instantly in mind. Cheers!

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