It looks like Google is ready with their data conscious app YouTube Go. As promised they made it lightweight and added a feature which enables users to share videos using WiFi Direct.

YouTube Go

Last September Google announced YouTube Go at an event in India and company is positioning the primary feature as “faster and lighter” version of their giant video sharing platform YouTube. It’s also an extension to the download feature of YouTube videos for offline viewing which was introduced back in 2014.

The biggest reason behind building such lightweight app was Indian market, considering the inconsistent and poor internet availability in the country. The biggest drawback in streaming videos and saving them offline was its size, so the company is somewhat addressed that their new app will allow people to watch a preview in super low bandwidth before they download it.

In addition, they also managed to share the detailed information about how much data video consumers.

The regional language is always one issue in India so they put their hands in this segment too. The app also supports several Indian local languages such as Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati and Tamil. It is expected that this app will be launched by the end of this year.

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