Work-Life Balance

Ways to Improve Work-Life Balance When You Work at Home

Young mothers, students and people who are not accustomed to offices and common schedules choose work from home. This is no wonder that it is extremely convenient because you are not supposed to waste your time on the way to and from work, gasoline, make-up and all the necessary preparations.

Work-Life Balance

If you have a child it is easy to devote as much time to them as possible and you have no need to hire a nurse in order to work. It is also convenient because you have a flexible schedule which supposes you may plan your day any way you want, do your hobbies, walk your dog, fulfill household chores and take care of yourself while working from the same place and making some money.

But such way of working triggers also many problems like how to be concentrated while working at home or how not to relax too much and forget about your responsibilities, and, finally, how to find the balance between your life and work when you are constantly in the same surroundings?

We have prepared a short article on these and other questions, so be attentive and we hope you will like that!

  • Organize your working space! It is extremely essential. If you work in the same room where you sleep, talk on the phone and watch TV you will be likely to have too many distractors and you will not work productively. Make a separate place for you where there will be a table, a chair and minimum objects like TV, karaoke, etc.
  • If your laptop is the source of your entertainment then buy a new laptop particularly for work. Your Internet connection should be strong and quick.
  • Bring change into your life sometimes. Change ambience at least once a week. Go to some lounge bar or a nice but light café to work under the sky or in a nice atmosphere but not at home.
  • Sometimes you may turn on a light music. It is even triggers productive work at times. But if you notice it distracts you then turn it off.
  • Behave the way people working in the office do. Have two days-off. If you don’t there will be the time when you will be completely overwhelmed with the workload (if you deal with college papers written in different languages or you make design-the customer will wait for the order and you will be completely stuck)and replete with problems and will not have the desire to work anymore and fall out of normal life. Have a balance of personal life and work.
  • Explain to your relatives and friends that if you work at home it literally means “work” and not relax or have a lot of time to have them every day. You are like other employees. You have no reason to stop working because you have guests. Remember that you make money and not relax!
  • One more advice that will be extremely helpful is not to go to work once you have waken up. Take a shower, have your breakfast, dress up and then proceed with your work. Otherwise you are likely to be too sleepy all the day round and will not do even a stroke of work.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle because your brain will work faster if you are physically strong and fit. Buy a pass in the nearby fitness club and go there at least 2-3 times a week because when people start working like freelancers at home they are more likely to gain weight and be more depressed.
  • Make smooth transition between different tasks. But do not concentrate on one task if you are unable to fulfill it quickly.
  • The importance of order. Air the room at least two times a day and clean it regularly. This way you will feel more comfortable working there.

Hope all the pieces of work and life management advice were helpful and you enjoy your productive and improved work at home.

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