Filmora Video Editor
Filmora Video Editor

How to Vlog by Using Filmora Video Editor

Being a blogger I know what are the importance of video blogging and I know most of the people would like to do video blogging. Thus today I am going to review a nice video editor app called Filmora Video Editor which is very easy-to-use and fashion video editor for all, especially for Vloggers and YouTubers.  As far as go through the deep detailing about the Filmora Video Editor, I can clearly say it is one of the best vlog editing for beginners.


Just like any other video editor app, Filmora Video Editor is a nice editing tool which is equipped with combination of smart tool and easy function. When we start the application we see a nice combination of board sizes and modes. This is what we vloggers want.

Filmora Video Editor

I checked both the modes and found that easy mode is made so simple that even any newbie can edit their video quickly, but found that full feature mode gives you ability to go through every single feature on single screen.

Filmora Video Editor

Its features and detailing of each and every tool usage is pretty simple to use, even for beginners. Main window showcase complete tools and effects, which gives flexibility to use without having any difficulty. Flexibility to place tools beside for the basic editing beginners of vlog. It is easy to use advanced tools like trimming, cropping, cutting, splitting and merging easily.

Filmora video editor also offers multiple songs, filters, motion effects and overlays, etc. Usage of any tool or effect can find anywhere without hard. Beginners can go through help for any assistance or else they can find complete tutorial in online search or YouTube. So based on my own personal experience I am sharing some of the best festures of Filmora Video Editor.

Just to how flexible is Filmora Video Editor I tried to edit one video song “Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass”. The process was super easy on first use I am able to import any kind of video file; it is not limited to specific file format which other editor miss to add. After import I dragged the video file to storyboard. Now using editing features are usable. I can add different music, text or credits, filters, overlays, elements, transition and slit screen options.

Once I am done with editing I can simply hit Export button and export whole edited video to any file format I want. Even I can directly export it to YouTube. Refer the following gallery for detailed view.

Features in Filmora Video Editor

There are number of best features added in filmora video editor. Let’s check out some of them.

Tools & Utilities

Changeable Aspect Ratio: Auto adjustable or manual adjustable aspect ratios between 4:3 to 16:9.Apart from these ratios 21:9 is more popular.

Full Screen Playback: Another wonderful tool in this video editor, full screen playback tol allows users to crop the video if there are any blur or scratches and makes it fit to full screen playback without having any blurriness or pixelate.

Keyframming: Changing the position and length to play an object of bite is made simple with the help of this utility tool.

Story Board Display: Though this feature comes with some other editor, it has its own significance in filmora video editor. Make story board display with added features t project in a better way.

Timeline Display: time line display is more important for any video. In fact this helps to seek or know the video length and current time line of the video without additional checks.

Video and Audio Effects

Audio Transitions: Simple audio transition effects allows users to make necessary changes like editing and cropping any audio file as per the requirements without go for multiple tools.

Correction and Adjustment: This effects we can make correction on the project itself and can check the preview for adjustments.

Transformation Effects: This is another most important feature with Filmora Video Editor, number of transformation effects give additional new appearance to the video. If we need more transformations, we can download and apply without difficulty.

Video Transitions and Visual Effects: These two effects allows user to make some graphical appearances in the video and can able to merge virtual and reality at the same time in a single stream.

Editing Features

 Color Corrections: Whether we capture a video by a professional or by our own, making t visual feast will definitely involves color combinations, in any frame color combinations or missing or else not in a proper way, then we can make the changes with the help of color correction feature.

Green Screen: This is another most popular concept which runs by the world. Every where this Green Screen is so popular. Making it visually paired can be done only with the help of Green Screen feature editing tool placed in Filmora Video Editor.

Speed Change: We can change the motion of a video at anytime, we can lag the video or else make it faster. This feature helps in skip the unwanted video bites to move faster and focusing frames to make a bit slower. It is completely depends on how we are expecting a video output.

HD Support: Now a day most of the video are coming with HD quality output only. In case there is any low quality frame or video bite, then we can make it a bit high quality with the help of Filmora Video editor HD support.


Even though there are number of Video editor software are available like iSkysoft Video Editor, iMove, Windows Movie Maker and Pinacle Studio the overall video editing software tools and utilities are not up to the mark. Whereas Filmora Video Editor come up with fully stuffed with more advanced features like we discussed and also flexible to use. Video editing beginner to professional video editor can do a lot of things with this software. There are number of tools and utility effect features available with this video editor. This is the reason it become most of the users and professionals first choice for any video editing. Apart from this flexibility to use the tools without difficulty to know about the tools and effects are added advantages with the Filmora Video Editor.

If you want to experience its features and effects practically then you can download train version of Filmora Video Editor and go with full feature mode. Definitely you love it. For licensed version it costs around $50 for life time.

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