How to Troubleshoot Your PS4: The Ultimate Guide

This guide will be introducing you to common PS4 errors that have been noticed in the last two years. Since PS4 has been developed by Sony, the errors have reduced to nil, however, if you’re still facing these errors, it’s best to find a simple solution for them.


We’ll be discussing top 5 errors that are quite common with PlayStation. Please notice that we have tried to present you with the most simple solutions in this guide, but if you feel the errors are persistent, it’s always better to talk to a Sony customer care executive.

Tips and fixes for common errors: PS4.

#1. Problem with Disc Ejection

If you’ve no disc inserted and yet the PS4 is trying to eject the disc, we have a very easy solution for that. Please follow the steps below:-

Step 1 – Unplug all the wires (Ethernet, audio, power, and HDMI)

Step 2 – Now plug in all the wires and press the power button till the PS4 lights up.

Step 3 – Now try and get back to your game. We’re sure this will help you out.

#2. Turning off

The users notice that either the console turns off while in use or it doesn’t switch on. In both the cases, your PS4 is at risk. While this is happening, a blue or red light will blink on the console. As much as we know this error is a past as sony already fixed this problem long back. However, if you’re facing the same problem, please check the following stuff:

  • The HDMI cable
  • The hard drive
  • Ventilation for the console (overheated)

#3. PS4 Freezing

Manu users report that their PS4 console freezes while playing games or using the console. Although, this problem was fixed by Song long time back, but if you’re still facing this problem, please follow the instructions below:-

If you’re constantly facing this error, please check for PS4 updates. Sony keeps upgrading the console every month or so. You might be using an older version of PS4 and would be creating a problem.

Sometimes it might be a PS4 DNS error where the browser cannot communicate with the DNS server. Try to unplug power to your modem for 1 or 2 minutes and then plug it back again.

The other reason could be overheating. If your console gets heated really fast, please check if it’s kept on a flat surface and is not covered with anything. Keeping stuff on the console or covering it with cloth can also be a reason for this error.

#4. Audio & Video Missing

People complain that the audio and video or anyone is missing while using the console. This generally happens when the HDMI or power cable is not inserted in the port properly. To fix this error follow the points below-

Sound and video are mainly the responsibility of HDMI cable. Sometimes, the HDMI cable is at fault or it is not connected properly. Thus, please check both the cases and try and fix the error.

If HDMI cable is not at fault, then definitely the HDTV is creating the error. Please think of getting your tv repaired or buy a new one.

#5. Disc Not Read

This is not a big issue to solve. This mostly happens due to extensive use of the PS4. Please check whether the disc is ejecting properly. Once you’re confirmed with the ejection, turn off the console. Don’t just put it to sleep, switch it off properly. Now turn it on and try going back to the game.

These errors can be solved at a personal level, however, if you’re unable to do so, it’s always better to contact a customer care executive.

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