Top Rated Features on the 2019 iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Cases

Each year, there is a new generation of iPhone released, which ultimately means there is an entirely new selection of cases offered to fit the phone.

Whether you are looking for a case to be durable or aesthetically pleasing, there is most definitely a case designed to fit the phone you have and the look you want.

iPhone Case

What makes the best iPhone 8 Cases and iPhone 8 Plus Cases for 2019 so great? The following features that you can’t have a great case without:


While iPhones are becoming more and more commonplace, one downfall of the brand that is widely recognized is that the iPhone is highly breakable and fragile without proper protection. Many of the top-rated cases offer a promise of durability to last any drops or falls; if you are notoriously clumsy, this may be the perfect route for you.

Another feature that falls into the category of durability is water damage protection. Waterproof cases are becoming more popular and readily available to anyone who wants one.These are perfect for any adventurer who is worried about losing all of the important information stored on their phone.

Many phone cases that are durable provide a shock absorbency built into the design, making it very hard for the screen or glass to crack. These cases, while protective, can be more expensive as they’re made with more damage-proof materials.


For many iPhone users, looks are everything. The iPhone designs have become increasingly polished and modern looking,and many users wish for the case to follow that same appearance.

From a painted floral design to a sleek metallic exterior, there are literally hundreds cases for every fashion taste and preference. A chic case personalizes your phone and is easy to change if you grow tired of the look and find something new.

While cases with elaborate designs may be pleasing to the eye and fit the current trends, they are usually not as durable as those that are built to last. They are, however, usually less expensive than other options.

Charging Capability

As cases become more and more advanced, some are now able to provide a charging feature. It is not wrong to say that iPhone batteries can sometimes drain at the most inopportune times. These cases provide you with the security of knowing your phone will never lose charge, even if you are without a physical charger for a lengthy period of time.

These cases are also quite fashionable and have a very contemporary look to them, which has made them quite popular among most iPhone users. These are very practical and will likely become more efficient as technology advances in the near future.

For the more practical and realistic iPhone users, these cases will provide you with a relaxed state of mind – you’ll always know that your phone is safe, protected, and charged.


iPhone cases are no longer just used to protect or design a phone. Some now come with cardholders located on the back of the case and give you easy access to your most used items. These are incredibly productive and ensure that you always know where your most important items are.

It goes without saying that the proper case is needed to protect and design such a valuable asset like your phone. While these features are some of the most popular, phone cases will continue to develop and change as new phones are brought into the market.

Does your case have the following features? If not, you might want to swap out.

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