Top Mobile Games You Can Play to Pass Time

Mobile Games

Whether they prefer watching videos on platforms like tubidy mobi or listening to some music, people always seem to find something to do on their smartphones to pass time.

Mobile Games

There are moments in every person’s life when they are required to sit in a waiting room. What a lot of people like to do in this is time is play mobile games on their smartphones. It’s a great way not only to pass time but also to relive stress and just have a little fun, despite having a business schedule ahead.

Whether it was for a doctor’s appointment, the dentist, the therapist, or anything else, we’ve all had moments where we pulled out our phones and played a silly little game to help us pass the time.

Before you knew it, you were being called into the office. Mobile games have developed into a thriving industry and big companies are fighting each year to produce the most popular games for mobile phones.

Here are some of the all time best mobile games ever made for those that want to give it a try and don’t know where to start:

Clash of Clans

If you want to play a strategy based game then nothing os better than clash of clans. It is a multiplayer game that you play with your friends online. Here you are the chief of your clan and you run the entire clan based on your plans. This game is full of fun since it is 2 way game where you can attack someone and you need to defend yourself incase someone attacks your clan.

COC is a popular game by SupErcEll (pronounced as SuperCell), and they also made 2 more games named Boom Beach (Strategy/War based) and Hay Day (Farm/Village based) they are also similar in its category.

Angry Birds

This is a game that most likely everyone has heard of. It’s a funny little game where you take different types of birds and fling them with a slingshot into the constructs of green little pigs. The game even offers a brief backstory that shows how the pigs destroyed some of their nests and thus the entire game is just a big revenge plot.

There are numerous types of birds and each has its own special ability or talent, which makes it the most suitable one you can sling in a specific situation. The game has gained massive popularity, so much of it that they’ve made tons of spin-offs of their own game, such as one where you play as the pigs. There’s even a blockbuster animated movie out.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga has been by many the most addictive game in existence. The premise of the game is rather simple. The screen fills up with different symbols and shapes, and you need to smash the appropriate ones so that you align multiple ones of the same type.

Depending on how many you line up and what kind of combos you pull off, you get extra points. While its flame hasn’t been as hot lately, there was a time not that long ago where this game took over the world.

Temple Run and Temple Run 2

Temple Run and its updated version Temple Run 2 both are a high paced game where your character runs through a maze with many bifurcations. While you can’t stop running, you can jump, slide and take turns. You have to do just that in the right manner so that you don’t run off a bridge or right into a wall. Oh and there’s a pack of monster monkeys chasing you the whole time, so better not slip up.

These 4 are the best and yet golden games as of now. Wether you like to play games or not on mobiles but these games will sure change your mind. If you know any more games like that let us know in comment section below.

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