Top 5 Windows Smartphones Under $1000

Windows Smartphones
Windows Smartphones

Windows phone were launched in the year 2012, and it was during this time it shook up the whole market and the existence of Android phones and iOS came into danger. The launch of Windows phone has made Microsoft a lot popular in the market.

Windows Smartphones

The newly launched Windows phone has some of the popular features of both the Android and IOS phones giving users the required comfort and convenience. Different customers has different needs and budget, and considering the same we have bought forward top 5 Windows smartphones which are available under $1000.

Nokia Lumia 520

It is one of the most powerful Smartphones, its features and comfort has been appreciated by users all around the world. The phone is comparatively low priced but still has some of the best features containing the following;

  • Dimensions of the phone are 6.4 x 1.0 x 12 cm.
  • The phone weighs 124 gms.
  • The internal memory of the device is 8 GB.
  • The display size of the phone is 4 inches which is powered by 1GHz dual core processor.
  • A provision of Micro SD card slot which allows the user to expand storage of the phone.

Nokia Lumia 1520

The device does not only have a bigger display but also some extravagant features which makes it extra special and demandable among the customers. Following are the features of the device;

  • The phone is based on Windows 8 Operating System.
  • The display of the phone is 1080 p with full HD display.
  • The dimensions of the phone are 8.5 x 0.9 x 16.3 cm.
  • Weight of the device is 209 gms.
  • The internal memory of the phone is 32 GB.
  • This is the first device which has been powered by quad core processor.

HTC One M8

After the immense success of M7, company launched M8 in the year 2014. The looks of the phone is quite an elegant one which pleases the eyes of customers very well. Following are the features of the phone;

  • The device is available in metal design.
  • It has a large display with 5 inch screen.
  • 1920 x 1080 p resolution on the screen.
  • It has a boom sound speaker which is of a better quality than the predecessor phone launched in the market.
  • RAM is 2GB with internal memory of 32 GB.

Nokia Lumia 1320

  • The device is available in four different colours i.e. Red, Yellow, White and Black thus attracting a large number of customers to the device.
  • The display size of the device is 6 inches.
  • The rear camera of the phone is 5 MP whereas the front camera is just 3 MP.
  • Cloud storage is 15 GB and also has 8 GB memory within the phone which can be expanded up to 64 GB.

Nokia Lumia 930

  • The device weighs 167 gms.
  • 2420 mAh battery is available on the phone which can be easily replaced at the time of need.
  • The display size of the device is 5 inches.
  • RAM on the device is 2 GB, and internal memory is 32 GB. Further to this memory cannot be expanded, but users are also provided with 15 GB cloud storage for free.
  • The camera on the phone is not less than a professional one i.e. rear camera is 20 MP and the front camera is 12 MP which allows user to click some of the most clear and beautiful pictures.
  • The video camera resolution is 1080 p which allows the user to capture HD quality videos on the phone.

Final Words

The above range and devices can be looked at by the customers who are willing to buy the device within the range of 1000 USD. These are some of the best Lumia phones under $1000 to eye at.

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