Get Tips to Make Killer Videos on Instagram

Editing can play a great role when it comes to show up the videos in Instagram. You are required to know the right ways of creating the videos. With the update 4.1 in Instagram, you can experience a new meaning of the video world.


Obtain Videos In Your Phone:  You can easily shoot the videos in your phone and get it stored in the device. There are various filters and tools in Instagram that can help you in obtaining better results.

  • Filter App: The filter app can be used for providing a different look to the videos. Here, the layers can be filtered so that you can come up with your feelings through the videos.
  • Native Camera App: Multiple clips can be shot by the camera and can then be arranged in the sequence in which you will like them on Instagram.
  • Video App : Advanced video editing apps like the iMovie with the help of some additional tools can provide you with transitions and sound.

Upload Videos in Instagram:  With the 4.1 update, Instagram is now considered of reading our minds. Through the library of the phone, you can now quickly transfer the files and upload the videos. You can use the in-built apps or the apps from outside whichever is convenient for you. Learn the optimization process of editing and shooting with the Instagram app itself.

Combine Video with Transitions:  Abrupt switches from one picture to the other will surely not make a high quality video. Instead you require proper transitions from one scene to the other with the help of the apps. The Instagram likes will surely increase if you can present the quality videos with great transitions. You can pan your cam through the first scene in the horizontal position and can place the transitional object at the rear end. The object can be anything like the telephone pole, person or a tree. As soon as your video is panning half way through the object, you can cut the scene.

For a new scene, you can go to a new place and use the same object. The new panning scene can be created with the same object. You can start the shooting from the half way mark from where you have left the previous scene. Try measuring the distance of the object from your camera. This will help in making your scenes consistent in nature.

Chop Clips:  Sequencing and chopping various clips are required for making your video stand out different from the rest. If your video clip appears to be very long, you must focus on chopping. Instagram app helps in trimming down the clips in the proper manner. You can use sliders for reducing the video length. With the easy editing tools of Instagram, you can reduce the clips and can watch them within the video library.

Arranging or sequencing is required as you need to create your clips in a proper order. If you are creating the video through Instagram itself , for editing purpose , you need to return to the previous screen for removing or adding scenes. But if you are involved into some complex videos and the orders cannot be rearranged, you must carry on with the sequencing process in a more precise manner. If you are comfortable in editing on the big screen, you can transfer the video in the phone after editing it in the computer.

While editing the videos, you need to decide whether the videos will run in slow or fast motion. Try adding the sound effects, muting features as well as the attractive music to make the video more attractive.

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