Tips to Make Your Cell Phone Signal Booster More Effective

Cell Phone Signal Booster

We all have at least once in our lifetime, suffered the frustration of bad reception leading to dropped calls and poor connectivity. A cell phone signal booster is the perfect solution to this incredibly annoying problem. Signal boosters are especially designed to amplify the signal coming from your cell phone tower and boost your phone network. A signal booster can enhance the reception by up to thirty times. So even if you are living under a rock, a cell phone signal booster will make sure that you do not miss out on important calls or messages. But in order to get the maximum benefit from a cell phone signal booster, its proper installation is extremely important. Dig in if you want to make sure that you get every ounce of boosting power from your signal booster.

Cell Phone Signal Booster

Choose the Right Cell Phone Booster

The compatibility of the signal booster with you cell phone plays a key role in determining its working efficiency.  Since signal boosters are designed to work only for the carrier and network they are intended to support. For example a signal booster designed to boost 3G signal is only compatible with a phone with AT&T 4G frequency. Similarly there are different cell phone boosters for use inside the building and vehicle. So, those looking to enhance connectivity while travelling should go with weboost signal boosters for vehicles.

Choice of Cable

While installing the signal booster always remember that long cables lead to more signal loss and interference. Always go for shorter length cable of high quality to minimize the signal loss. Although this might sound menial but it can really help in improving the connectivity.


Different signal boosters support different antennas. While some come with omnidirectional antennas, which cover multiple antennas at the same time and perfect for a home or building with good outside signal strength. There are other signal boosters, which are equipped with directional antenna. These are more powerful and effective than the former ones but they need to be aimed in the direction of the carrier’s tower. Before buying a signal booster pay attention to the antenna it supports and also analyze which antenna will work best for your home or office.

Also remember, there should be enough separation between antennas to ensure the effectiveness of the cell phone signal booster. If the antennas are too closely placed, you will need to shield them from each other in order to prevent oscillation.

Analyze the Coverage Area

Coverage area and the layout of the area that needs to be covered in the boosted signal are directly related to your required amplifier strength. Although a dome shaped antennas will do a great job if you require coverage on a signal floor, but it won’t be that effective for a boosting coverage on multiple floors. A panel antenna is especially designed to amplify signal strength over multiple floors and it also ensures proper distribution of signal.

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Apart from that, there are some situations when the area covered by a cell phone booster is too large and one of the far off rooms does not receive adequate coverage. Also, sometimes the shape of the coverage spaces is more complex, which hinders the reception. Adding another internal antenna can help you get adequate coverage for the additional space, which was previously not receiving signal. For complex spaces you can split the signal in two and enjoy better reception. Since coverage area plays a key role in determining the effectiveness of a cell phone booster you must analyze it properly before buying a signal booster.

Determine the Signal Strength Outside

A cell phone signal booster diagnoses the signal from outside and amplifies those to boost the reception in the targeted areas. As such, the outside signal strength is also important to determine how strong a signal booster is required to receive adequate reception. Consider the strength of cell phone signal inside as well as outside the coverage areas to choose the best signal booster for adequate coverage.

Take care of these above mentioned parameters in order to ensure that the signal booster you are installing provides clearer reception and connectivity.

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