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Now in your City also TinyOwl mobile app is coming to your city also to provide you best Restaurant deal in your area. Tinyowl online food delivery is designed by Harshvardhan Mandad and hosted by E-commerce giant Amazon. Presently TinyOwl has marked its presence in Electronic Hubs like Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai and going to increase its reach soon in you city too to provide you best restaurant deal.


Why TinyOwl?

TinyOwl is not tiny now as it is becoming bigger day by day. In less than any year it marked its presence in 6 cities across India which soon going to be 60 in number. Every other food ordering App has some pros and cons similarly Tinyowl also have some limitations but it is very good thing that in each update, Tinyowl app is improving and fix errors and bugs. This quality made it different from apps like Swiggy and Zomato.

How TinyOwl is Better than Order Food Ordering Apps?

For foodies it is a good news that the competition in food ordering apps is increasing day by day which helps them in choosing their best online lunch app. Tinyowl is better in following ways:

1. Easy To Use Interface

Interface is the most vital thing about any new application and after using it first time one can be easily impressed by its interface. If the interface of any app is not up to the standard then it is useless.

2. Location Detection

Detection of Location is another important feature that is most useful too. Once you ordered you don’t need to think anything else. The delivery boy would automatically contact you and deliver food at your place. This feature would definitely improve your Online Food Delivery experience.

3. Restaurant Deals

There are so many restaurant deals available in market. Thus Tinyowl help you in providing you the best restaurant deals. Tinyowl also provides maximum cashback of Rs.150 and minimum cashback of Rs.50 per order. Promo codes and Coupons are also available occasionally. You can use those promo codes in cashless payments using Debit Card, Credit Card and Tinyowl wallet.

4. Payment Mode

So many times it happens that you face some issues or conflicts with delivery boy due to payment. Thus to get rid out of it Tinyowl provide you variety of payment mode. You can use promo codes, Card transaction and cash on delivery.

5. Order History

While ordering from app it might be possible that you forgot your last restaurant from where you make that order. Thus to solve this problem Tinyowl Mobile App also provides you the option of storing past order history and your current orders.

6. Menu Options

There are so many options you can avail using Tinyowl mobile app. You can order desserts, starters, and so many other options from donuts to Pasta, Veg to Non Veg whatever you want for your taste buds. This online food app would provide you the best available options of your town.

7. Manual Feeding of Location

Sometimes we suppose to check the options of other areas as well thus Tinyowl also has the option of manual feeding of location. You need to tap search panel and enter the location once you enter the location you can check other areas as well.


Any new thing is not perfect in its first attempt. There is always some room for improvement similarly the best part of this online lunch app is its improvement and innovation which proves to be the cutting edge against apps like swiggy

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