How to fix scheduled events are running late in WordPress?

In WordPress, scheduled events are what periodically looks for updates to plugins, themes and WordPress itself. It is also what makes sure scheduled posts are published on time. It may also be used by various plugins (which uses schedule mechanisms) to make sure that planned actions are executed. But due to some internal glitches scheduled […]

How to remove website (URL) field from WordPress comments?

WordPress bloggers who loves content sharing and engaging their followers uses comment section to express opinions of other fellow bloggers and readers. But that comment section is also the most spammed section in the WordPress, as you know there are end numbers of annoying scrappers, auto comment bots, and similar tools that spam the WordPress’s […]

How to disable lazy load in WordPress?

WordPress in its 5.5 version introduced lazy loading of images natively without the need for an external plugin. Since modern browsers already allow this lazy loading feature, WordPress added support for that loading tag. To achieve this lazy loading of images all you need to do is insert the loading=”lazy” tag inside the image tag […]

How to build a website and market it?

Website Design and Development

You want to start your own online business or want to start your website to represent your physical store. Of course, you need to go through a lot of preparations. Do not assume, that without knowing anything, and by just hiring third-party services and outsourcing things your site will work and bring you loads of […]