How can the Raspberry Pi benefit businesses?

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi device is renowned as the best-selling British computer, with global sales peaking at 19 million in 2018 (they’ve since gone on to break the 30 million barriers too). Despite this, not everyone is familiar with the Raspberry Pi computer, which has also become an increasingly fundamental part of education in the UK […]

Cybersecurity tips for business travelers

Cyber Security Tips

Those who frequently travel for business may be at a heightened risk for security threats. Using various internet connections, sending and receiving emails from multiple accounts, keeping massive amounts of important files all on one computer or thumb drive — it all exposes the business traveler to more risks. However, there are some extremely effective […]

Best wireless routers

Best Wireless Routers

A steady internet connection is no longer a luxury, nearly every house, apartment, and office has a wireless router. A wireless router is a medium that equally distributes the web connection over a network of gadgets and electronic devices – a perfect solution for tech geeks and gadget lovers who cannot do without their mobiles and […]

5 Reasons Why Using Public WiFi is Not Safe

Public WiFi

The universal adoption of Wi-Fi has had a significant impact on how everyone uses the Internet for both recreational and work-related reasons. Individuals often set up a private network at home so they can easily use the Internet on mobile devices, while many businesses now offer free and open networks letting their visitors use the […]

Control linear actuator via WiFi

Control Linear Actuator via WiFi

Automation for home systems to industrial systems is a very big step for our technological advancement. With the use of electric actuators, motion systems have acquired the best efficiency and accuracy. Today, a new fad with actuators is the use of an easily installable WiFi actuator app which allows the user to control and direct […]