How to Hide Your IP Address? (And Why You Might Want To)


Almost everything about us is numerically systemized to create some order. Assigning numbers has also proved effective in identifying things, places, and people. We have the social security number, identification number, and also postal address to identify us in real life. On the internet, the IP address serves the same purpose. What is an IP […]

Are VPNs Really Secure?


Many feel motivated to use VPNs for a variety of purposes. You might be living under the autocratic rule where the use of social media or certain sites is banned. Or it can be done to protect privacy. Especially when you are browsing sites that you don’t want your parents, spouse or siblings to know. […]

How to stay anonymous online? Here’s how you can do it!


Millions of internet users are actively seeking protection from online threats and for a good reason. The rising numbers of cyber attacks and security breaches have got people concerned about their privacy on social media and the internet in general. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms encourage users to share personal details, such as […]