Setting up Minecraft server on Linux based VPS


Minecraft is a sandbox game where players can build their own world. Since its establishment in 2011, the game now has 126 million active players. To further improve the gaming experience, Minecraft enthusiasts manage their own Minecraft servers. It provides more freedom and allows players to grow their communities. In this article, we will go […]

How to fix scheduled events are running late in WordPress?

In WordPress, scheduled events are what periodically looks for updates to plugins, themes and WordPress itself. It is also what makes sure scheduled posts are published on time. It may also be used by various plugins (which uses schedule mechanisms) to make sure that planned actions are executed. But due to some internal glitches scheduled […]

Repository changes its ‘Suite’ value from ‘testing’ to ‘stable’

While apt update you may get repository no longer has a release file error, it happens when a repository owner changes its suite value or version. Do not panic if this is the first time you are encountering this kind of issue. Simply allow the release information to get changed by adding below small flag […]

How to save files to WebP in GIMP?

For most of GIMP is the best alternative to Adobe Photoshop, even I use it on daily basis. Since it is Open Source I do not have to care about hefty licensing and subscription issues. In this article, I’ll explain how to save files to WebP in GIMP. WebP is developed by Google, a modern […]

What is the “You have new mail” message in Linux and how to read it?

Sometimes, when you log in to the Linux server using the command-line interface (SSH – Secure Shell Protocol), you may have read this message “You have new mail” just after a successful login screen. Where is this mail? What does it contain? Who or what sent it? In this article, I’ll try my best to […]