The evolving role of telecommunications


We’re at the cusp of digital transformation. Within the next few years, the telecommunications industry will see significant changes as consumer demand and technological breakthroughs drive the industry forwards. The impact COVID-19 has had on the telecommunications industry means that businesses and telcos are having to restructure and develop a contingency plan to ride out […]

Is a JioFi router faster than Jio SIM used in a mobile as hotspot?

Lockdown caused us to work from home. Even many companies sent their employees to their home, town and assisted to work from there if decent internet connectivity is there. Thanks to Indian telecom who handled the connectivity all over India, telcos like Jio which is affordable and available everywhere. I was bombarded with over a […]

What is the range of a cell tower?

Image of a Cell Tower

We often discuss the range of a cell tower (also known as cellular or tower) while using mobiles, or wireless internet. If you’re facing network issues it is just because you are not close to the tower’s capacity and range. So how can we know the range of a cell tower? The working range of […]

How to call back a restricted number?

Call Back

The restricted number is special security for an individual for need security, however, sometimes it happens that we received a call under a restricted phone number, but no one answers when we pick up the call. Or maybe someone is stalking on you, but his or her number is showing up as a restricted phone […]