Network Capacity Fee (NCF)

TV Remote

According to TRAI’s recent rules for broadcasters, all the Indian DTH providers has to allow their subscribers freedom to create their own customized DTH Pack so that consumer will pay only for the channels they want to watch. The customers, however, have to pay a fixed base tariff which TRAI calls out NCF, in brief, […]

Feeling Stressed, Angry or Happy? New Tech Computes Your Emotions


Trying to handle and hide our true emotions is a challenge we all share as humans, and trying to discern what other people are hiding from us is something that fascinates us even more. Yet latest technological developments seem to signal that there is no place to hide anymore: Scientists at the University of Oulu […]

Wireless charging technology

Wireless Charging Technology

Wireless technology is always welcomed as they are advantageous than unwieldy, wiry networks. You have a lot of options as the facility of wireless charging for mobile phones is implemented. If your mobile phone is running out of battery and you are in emergency to call someone, you can recharge your phone by packet energy […]