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Tier 1 Internet Service Providers in India


Every country is connected with each other directly or indirectly with the help of submarine fiber optics cables to get access to the Internet. The main job of Tier 1 ISPs is to connect the 2 or more countries’ landmasses using fiber optics cable. In India, we are connected to the world internet from Chennai, […]

How do landlocked countries get access to the internet?

Internet Connectivity in Landlocked Countries

As you all know we get access to the Internet via fiber optics submarine cables. So how do landlocked countries get access to the Internet as they cannot access the submarine cables that connect other countries? Practically such landlocked countries get it from the landlines of neighboring non-landlocked countries by sharing the same or by […]

How is India connected to the internet?

Fiber Optics Network Server

India has given too much value and importance to the Internet, we wondered: how much time do people really spend online? What do people really know about the Internet, like where does it come from, how does it work and how is India connected to the Internet? Let’s dive into the world of networking… “the […]