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Choosing the Right Cloud Services and Technology for Your Startup

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing became very popular over the years. Nowadays, a lot of businesses of all sizes leverage this innovative technology in one way or another. The fact that various services that can aid businesses are available over the Internet is beneficial, indeed. When it comes to startup businesses, they stand to gain a lot from […]

How Much Money Do You Really Need to Launch a Startup?


Those who believe that pitching the idea to potential investors is hard are confounded when those save investors ask them how much money they’ll need. Namely, launching a startup isn’t a cheap business, pun intended but it isn’t too expensive either. In fact, even graduate students can enter entrepreneurship if they have a solid enough […]

5 Cost-Effective Tips for Explosive Startup Growth

Explosive Startup Growth

It’s a competitive business world out there, and even though we are living in an entrepreneurial age with lucrative opportunities aplenty, there is no denying that only a small percentage of all startups will make it past their first year. Simply put, the modern customer is very picky when it comes to putting their trust […]

7 Best Sources of Funding for Startups Nowadays


There are only a rare few examples where starting a business from scratch is feasible. How to fund a startup business would become a hefty trouble of mind unless there is a strong financial support. Usually, it requires a lot of sacrifice and a significant pool of finances that can cover your rocky lift-off. Thankfully, […]