What does headless mean in software?

Headless, as the word itself says without any head, technically without any visual interface. Refer this article. In software, headless means, software application capable of working on a device or hardware without a graphical user interface. Such software receives inputs and give output through other interfaces like network or serial port. In real life, we […]

Is CPU performance affected by age?


Often, tech users ask similar questions like — What happens when CPU gets old? Does it get weaker? In this article, I’ll try my best to explain everything. Does a CPU run slower as it ages? There are two answers. Let’s understand it theoretically and practically. Theoretically, a CPU should run at basically the same […]

Why make your own music app? 5 tips and tricks to succeed


In the recent years, music listening has undergone a significant change with the rising popularity of the Internet and mobile devices. This change has led to the emergence of hundreds of music apps that allow users to enjoy their favorite tracks on-demand. The ability to play these apps in cafés, vehicles, restaurants, gyms and almost […]

How to prepare a custom software development project budget

Software development project budget

As you get ready for your next big project, it is fundamental to prepare an accurate custom software development project budget. Building a custom software product from scratch can be a challenging complex, and costly process. To help you keep your finances in order, you will need a well-planned budget to help you track your […]

5 best exercises for custom software development management

Custom software development management

There are plenty of effective best exercises for custom software development management. Following the top management practices will greatly improve your chances of delivering a high-quality, valuable product on-time to your stakeholders. Naturally, this can greatly improve consistency, agility, and productivity across your software development lifecycle (SDLC). As an experienced software manager, there are an […]