Social media marketing ideas you’re not using

Social Media Marketing

Social platforms are not a novelty in the digital marketing universe, but they keep evolving and creating new opportunities for brand promotion. It’s not a surprise given the fact that networks such as Facebook and Instagram attract more than three billion monthly active users. However, building a comprehensive social media marketing plan is everything but […]

How can you use Instagram’s IGTV for successful marketing?


Four months ago, Instagram released its newest app that is now threatening to eat up the competition. It was a feature as competent as Instagram Stories in its own right. When Instagram TV came into existence, marketers saw the new platform as an opportunity for so many firsts, and vertical video formats in social media […]

6 biggest problems with social media

Social Media Problems

The social media revolution we faced several years ago made it easier than ever before to stay in touch with friends and family. We can easily share photos, interesting or funny links as well as communicate with our friends and loved ones. But what happens when these possibilities take us too far and start taking […]

Experts say ‘social media marketing is important for business’

Social Media Marketing

Do you know that social media marketing is growing every day? Do you know how social media marketing influencing the online presence as well as business online? Social media marketing has a 100 percent higher lead to close the rate than the outbound marketing. It is also said that more than 84 percent Business to […]

Why Twitter is in loss? Where did it all go wrong?

Twitter is in Loss

In this fast moving world, social networking site Twitter can be considered as a mature player; after all, it has been in the industry for more than 10 years (Twitter was founded on 21st March 2006, in San Francisco, California, United States). Many things have been changed, many things are introduced to make Twitter safe […]