What are the most useful tech skills?

Tech skills

Tech skills are important when you are operating an e-commerce store or similar business. Having these capabilities can drive the success of your organization to levels that you have never seen before. Owning these skills allows you to manage roles in your organization such as mechanics, engineering, finance, and information technology. Most of the tech […]

Tips for teenagers to write good essays

Write an Essay

There are the students out there who are not good at writing skills, and the fact writing your essays by own is the worst nightmare they could have. Writing is not an essay task so if you are not good at writing your facts and thoughts on the piece of paper; it is not an […]

How to define your own success? Find some success areas

Define Your Own Success

The many faces of success… fame, money, recognition, power, understanding, love, security, … etc. Which one matters to you? Are you pursuing a version of success that doesn’t line up with who you are, who you want to be, what your values are? It’s not that HAVING fame or fortune is a BAD thing if […]

What skills does a software developer need?

Software Developer

Software Development has been one of the most popular career choices for the last decade. The rationale behind this is the fact software packages are used in virtually everything these days. From kitchen appliance, cars, computer’s, ATMs and in many things we tend to use in our daily lives runs on a software package. Software […]