Is a JioFi router faster than Jio SIM used in a mobile as hotspot?

Lockdown caused us to work from home. Even many companies sent their employees to their home, town and assisted to work from there if decent internet connectivity is there. Thanks to Indian telecom who handled the connectivity all over India, telcos like Jio which is affordable and available everywhere. I was bombarded with over a […]

How to cancel an Airtel Postpaid connection?

I use Airtel numbers for communication as well as for the internet, but recently I got a local broadband connection, so I decided to cancel one of the Airtel numbers that I was using on my 4G router because I no longer need that. So, there are 3 ways to cancel this, and trust me […]

What is eSIM? How can it change the future of communication?


As technology continues to advance and evolve, the old tech becomes obsolete. One of the main characteristics of new technology is that devices are getting smaller. This is not mainly focused on devices that used to be bulky, but even the small devices are getting smaller. One particularly disruptive technology once again has to do […]