7 ways to increase your retail sales

Retail sales

As we make our way out of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are ready to spend, both online and inside your store. In-store shopping is still a considerable part of any retailer’s business, and getting that foot traffic in the door to engage with your products and services is key to building shopper loyalty. Here are […]

How business intelligence can help your company’s performance?

Business intelligence

There has been a lot of talk about business intelligence over the past couple of years because companies from all niches are starting to see all of the benefits it provides. The global business intelligence market is predicted to reach $33.3 billion by 2025 and the trend will surely continue after that. Business intelligence is […]

How to increase sales for the online delivery business?


So you have commenced an online delivery business. You have gotten a responsive website and application, and now you are ready to sell items. But how? How will you attract customers? What are the emerging techniques that give you favorable results without a fat budget? Establishing an online delivery business and running is the very […]

Tips for Making a Product Landing Page that Doubles Your Sales

Landing Page

A product landing page is the place where the biggest decision about your business is made. This is the page, which either turns a visitor into a customer or even makes a customer into a visitor as if they do not like the design of the product, they will leave your store. It is a […]

How to create a lead machine using salesforce?

Get More Leads

One of the key areas where Salesforce has an advantage is in managing the inbound leads effectively. However, for smaller and medium businesses, the presence of marketing software add-ons and all other options could be too expensive and it could also involve too much work for the team that is comparatively smaller for small and […]