5 tips to ensure data safety in 2021

Data Safety

Security breaches and compromised data are, unfortunately, quite common occurrences. Regardless of the size or the business profile of an organization, many companies are losing valuable data due to security gaps they are not aware of. It is happening on a daily basis and it occurs all around the globe. However, these attacks have a […]

Do Radar Detectors Work?

Radar Detector

To better explain whether or not radar detectors work, first, it’s necessary to explain how they work. That’s because put simply, they don’t all work equally, so the answer to this question is; it’s complicated. How Do Radar Detectors Work? Radar guns work by calculating the distance between two objects. Because the radar is being […]

Effective Ways to Encourage Safe Work Practices

Safe Work Practices

Maintaining a safe workplace is essential for avoiding accidents and keeping a high level of productivity. However, meeting that goal is not always straightforward, especially when companies are large or have numerous departments. Following best practices is an ideal way to get started and emphasize that safety is a necessity. Make health and safety training […]

How safe is your neighborhood?

Aerial View of Village

Have you ever wondered, exactly how safe is your neighborhood? Whether you’ve recently experienced a break-in, had new neighbors move in that you don’t know all that much about or simply want to check that your neighborhood is exactly as safe as you think it is, the good news is that there are several things […]

How Virtual Reality is Transforming Workplace Safety

Virtual Reality

How would you describe the safety training programs at your workplace? Ask this simple question to your employees, and the most common responses would be on the lines of ‘Boring’, ‘Nothing New’, ‘Doesn’t add value’, and so on. While there are no doubts about the requirements of safety training at workplaces, a lot could be […]