Big data and its impact on business

Big Data

Big data is a collection of data made up of large data sets. You can use it to analyze patterns, associations, and trends. Big data can transform businesses as it lets you make better decisions, decrease your operating costs, and increase your revenue. How do you define big data? There are four characteristics you can […]

Why user onboarding and product adoption go hand-in-hand?

Discussion on Onboarding and Adoption

Understanding what the onboarding process entails helps you see its relevance in your company. It’s much more than an instruction guide. It’s an interactive way for users to get to know your product and explore how to apply it to their lives. Paying attention to the onboarding and adoption phases that a new user goes […]

Why competition in business is healthy?

Competition in Business

Discovering that a competitive business is offering the same service as you can be disheartening. What if they take all your customers? What if you’re unable to drive the sales you need? A lot of people are put off starting a business when they realize that there are competitors offering the same thing. This can […]