5 reasons to undergo a network upgrade


The innovation of technology happens every day. With the influx of users on the internet and the never-ending upgrades to computer systems, it’s easy to accumulate network traffic. Many problems come together with these fast-paced changes, though. Most people should stay abreast of the latest advancements to avoid getting left behind. For businesses, it’s essential […]

6 useful ways to reuse an old router


If you have an old router, then you can use it for different purposes. You should reuse these things instead of throwing it somewhere because electronic waste is one of the most common toxic wastes, including mercury, which is very poisonous for human health, causing liver or brain damage. When e-waste is mixed inland or […]

Why is a rotating IP address important?

IP Address

Let us first look at the fundamentals: what is an IP address? An IP address identifies all Internet-connected devices; in addition, it identifies where letters, packs, and other goods should be delivered from our physical addresses. Find your required IP login username and password guide. There are two variants of IP addresses which are […]

How to Fix Internet Connection Slowdowns? Here’s What to Do

Internet Connection

Don’t you just hate it when the internet slows down all of a sudden? You’re like “Hey man, I’m paying my bills right. Why do you do this to me?” And then soon after, you burst into a fit because let’s face it; you’re not getting what you want and it’s upsetting. It’s one thing […]

What is eSIM? How can it change the future of communication?


As technology continues to advance and evolve, the old tech becomes obsolete. One of the main characteristics of new technology is that devices are getting smaller. This is not mainly focused on devices that used to be bulky, but even the small devices are getting smaller. One particularly disruptive technology once again has to do […]