Self-education habits — what’s the benefit and how to do it?


Self-education is possible in this technological era. As we know technology as influenced educational field effectively so many students use technological devices while in their learning process. So the self-education will be more effective and will bring a positive impact on a student’s life. We go to colleges and schools, still we use internet and […]

How to motivate children to learn investment at an early age?

Motivate Children to Learn Investments

Investing is a crucial practice that every individual should be habitual to live a better and more stable future. The idea is even more applicable to the constantly complicating environment of the twenty-first century today. Investing can not only provide you with a reliable financial ground in the future but can contribute to your lives […]

Are You Desperate and Stuck in Corporate Life? Win Back Your Freedom

Demotivated Employee

Are you feeling down and demotivated? Are you thinking that whole company has gone crazy and you are struggling to survive day by day. Does it feel that the management does rarely good decisions and you always suffer from their decisions. Or perhaps you feel stuck? Even if you would not feel that bad, these […]

15 essential qualities for success


What do you think, what should we do to find or develop within us to be successful? Some will say, look at those who had created success in various fields. From far it sounds simple, but it is not like that. We work all the time for success. Clear aim and continuous dedication makes the […]

How to define your own success? Find some success areas

Define Your Own Success

The many faces of success… fame, money, recognition, power, understanding, love, security, … etc. Which one matters to you? Are you pursuing a version of success that doesn’t line up with who you are, who you want to be, what your values are? It’s not that HAVING fame or fortune is a BAD thing if […]