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How to Build a Website and Market it?

Website Design and Development

You want to start your own online business or want to start your website to represent your physical store. Of course, you need to go through a lot of preparations. Do not assume, that without knowing anything, and by just hiring third-party services and outsourcing things your site will work and bring you loads of […]

How Much Personal Information Should You Share with Your Readers?


You might be thinking of how intimacy with the reader can be a question of concern. Since if a blogger will be more personal with readers, there are more chances that he/she will be able to retain readers for long. No doubt, this fact is correct, but somehow too much intimacy with the reader can […]

Marketing on a Small Budget

Marketing on a Small Budget

When your business budget is tight, one of the first areas you tend to look at is your marketing expenses. For most of the companies marketing expenses can be 10 to 20% of the budget. Although this can be an easy area to use to reduce your overall business costs, it’s important to make sure […]

Four Things Your Company Needs to Do to Attract Overseas Attention

Overseas Attention

Going global and attracting overseas attention is perhaps one of the most difficult skills to master in entrepreneurship. Appealing to an international audience is not only difficult, but it depends a lot of attention and you need to think about a whole range of different concerns before you can even attempt to start marketing your […]