3 best online mailing services

Online mailing services

It is now easier than ever to create, print, and mail documents without visiting the post office. This article reviews three of the best online mailing services for small businesses. Outsourcing your mailing operations takes some weight off your shoulder. But it’s not without some risks. You will give your client’s information to another organization, […]

What is the “You have new mail” message in Linux and how to read it?

Sometimes, when you log in to the Linux server using the command-line interface (SSH – Secure Shell Protocol), you may have read this message “You have new mail” just after a successful login screen. Where is this mail? What does it contain? Who or what sent it? In this article, I’ll try my best to […]

Alternative mail options in Canada


On the morning of October 22nd, 2018, the Canadian Unit of Postal Workers declared a strike. One of the primary reasons was an imbalance in the pay for urban and rural postal workers. While the urban carriers were being paid by the hour, rural carriers were paid on the size of their route, resulting in […]