How to optimize your website?

Optimize your website

Many people use search engines to find companies and products nowadays. Approximately 60% of all consumers use Google to find companies, and more than 80 percent result in in-store visits and direct sales. Optimizing a website enables you to remain on the top of these searches. The following are five steps you can use to […]

How to promote your apps by search keywords?

Apps by search keywords

You have certainly faced the problem of how to promote your apps. How great your product can be, it won’t bring organic traffic without marketing. There are many methods to make your apps visible to the audience. The one that we want to tell you about is the promotion by search keywords or terms. What […]

Keyword rank tracking mistakes you must avoid

Keyword Rank Tracking

Being an SEO professional, your everyday to-do’s checklist must hold rank tracking as a critical task. Are you tracking your keyword rankings properly? Or, not even sure about it? By the way, mistakes are not only set to beginners alone. Even expert marketers would commit to those. When it comes to rank tracking, the mistakes […]