Cloud computing jobs

Cloud Computing Jobs

The cloud computing industry is on the rise and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. The industry is expected to boom by 2019 and will only grow from there. There are currently over 50,248 cloud computing positions available in the U.S. job market alone. Over in India, over one million cloud computing jobs will be […]

How to switch a job without quitting the existing one?

Switch Job without Quitting

Do you know why so many people stick with their jobs even though they feel miserable every day going to work? They are afraid to quit. They desperately need and want a new job, but the insecurity that follows after quitting the current one prevents them from taking any steps forward. “What if it takes […]

Avoid these common self-employment traps

Become Your Own Boss

Everyone dreams of a lucrative career of the self-employed person, but not everyone realizes how many obstacles and difficulties are on the way to your own business. Entrepreneurs are people with inborn talent and strong motivation that are able to pitch startups or launch a new business. But not all the entrepreneurs are doomed to […]

Will robots make our life easier or make us jobless?

You're Fired!

You might go to a bar or visit your local park and see robots with artificial intelligence roam around doing what your friends and neighbors were doing until just yesterday. How would that make you feel? The truth is that robots are becoming more and more prominent in the job markets all over the world. […]

Top 10 technology jobs in India

Technology Jobs

Technology jobs are the hottest and most desirable position of youth generation as an immense number of engineers, and technical graduates pass from Indian colleges. IT sector in India is booming with new talent, and its steady growth in the global market has given it necessary global exposure in the market. Most of us think […]