How to cancel a Jio Postpaid connection?

There are times when you want to permanently disconnect a number because you are not using it anymore or for any other valid reason which is justifiable to cancel the number permanently. In this article, we’ll see how can we cancel a Jio Postpaid connection easily. First you need to arrange some account details that […]

Is JioFi faster than Jio SIM?

The majority of us have used Jio SIM, as it is affordable and offers a true 4G experience. Some even have used JioFi as their primary or secondary router, even in lockdown (China’s Covid-19), there was an unforeseeable demand for mobile routers, and trust me the internet was full of this question – is JioFi […]

How to check Jio Fiber availability in my area?


Jio Fiber is a revolution in the broadband industry that disrupted the ecosystem of what the other competitors are offering. Of course the service is not available everywhere but Jio is installing and setting up locations that has the highest demand first. So, how can one check the availability of Jio Fiber in their area […]

Is a JioFi router faster than Jio SIM used in a mobile as hotspot?

Lockdown caused us to work from home. Even many companies sent their employees to their home, town and assisted to work from there if decent internet connectivity is there. Thanks to Indian telecom who handled the connectivity all over India, telcos like Jio which is affordable and available everywhere. I was bombarded with over a […]

Jio is 5G ready with ‘Made in India’ solutions


Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries has announced that Jio is going to enter the 5G segment in India as soon as the spectrum is made available from the telecom authorities. This was announced by the RIL chairman at the 43rd AGM of the company while addressing the shareholders, prospective investors, media, and the general public. Today, […]