Sine Wave vs. Square Wave Inverter and which one is better?


Just looking for a decent inverter for electricity backups. You need to understand what kind of inverters are available in the market. Usually, you’ll find Sine wave and Square Wave inverter. You can see below the image as in reference to how sine and square wave looks like. The sine wave is very similar to […]

How much energy is lost when charging an inverter battery?


Batteries are the common backup solution for us, from our mobile to home inverters we do use batteries for backups. Mobile is a small thing to care about, but we do care about home inverters and connected batteries because they power our home during power outages. So, how much energy is lost when charging an […]

Does inverter increase electricity bill?


Inverter, Power Inverter, or Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) all are one and the same thing. Inverter is an electronic device that stores electricity in batteries to use it later when there is an outage. Inverters are useful when you live in a location with most power cuts and needed a 24×7 electricity supply. If your […]

Can inverters save electricity?


An Inverter or in other words a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) is a power backup solution when there is an electricity outage. Inverters are useful when you live in the area where power outages are common and you need a 24×7 power supply for your appliances. Although we have a 24×7 power backup, still, it […]

What is no load shutdown in inverter-UPS?

No Load Shutdown

If any Inverter/UPS (both are same things) auto cuts the electric power supply when there is no load for a certain period of time is called a no-load shutdown. It’s only possible when the Inverter/UPS is on the battery mode or using power-saving mode. This feature is useful in many cases but could be annoying […]