Internet Service Providers in Ghatkopar West

Ghatkopar west is well known and busy location where you’ll find various internet service providers. Here in this article I’ll be sharing some of the famous ISP which you’ll find helpful if you are search for broadband and fiber optics internet solution. Airtel Broadband Airtel is the big player here and mostly available in roadsides […]

What is the contention ratio?

Internet contention ratios

In the internet world most of us have heard of contention ration term. What is it? Why is it killing our internet? We’ll read all those matters that brainstorms in our mind. What is the contention ratio? In layman’s term, the contention ratio cites to how many users are sharing the overall data capacity on […]

Why is a rotating IP address important?

IP Address

Let us first look at the fundamentals: what is an IP address? An IP address identifies all Internet-connected devices; in addition, it identifies where letters, packs, and other goods should be delivered from our physical addresses. Find your required IP login username and password guide. There are two variants of IP addresses which are […]

What is the range of a cell tower?

Image of a Cell Tower

We often discuss the range of a cell tower (also known as cellular or tower) while using mobiles, or wireless internet. If you’re facing network issues it is just because you are not close to the tower’s capacity and range. So how can we know the range of a cell tower? The working range of […]

Internet Exchange Point (IXP)

IXP Diagram

Internet Exchange Points, in short IXPs or IX, is the most critical section of the Internet’s infrastructure. An Internet Exchange Point is a physical facility through which various Internet Service Providers (ISP), Content Delivery Networks (CDN), Point of Presence (PoP) meets, and exchange traffic, known as Peering. This saves a lot of money wasted on […]