What is low input lag in monitors?

Low input lag is a feature of computer monitors, specially of the high end gaming monitors that minimizes the input lag (increased latency, sluggishness) for fast reactions by reducing the video processing time. Usually when the feature is turned off, the HQ visuals demand additional processing time in order to show you same HQ visual […]

How to Improve the Live Streaming Quality of Professional Videos?

Live Streaming

The live streaming game is quickly gaining momentum as it is the most popular way for businesses or individuals to interact with their audience. If you have viewed a live video, you would know low resolution, buffering, and lag can affect the quality of your videos. For professional broadcasters and businesses, poor quality live videos […]

Best Gaming Desks

Gaming Computer Desk

Getting a gaming computer that has top-notch graphics isn’t all that it takes to enjoy your gaming session. You also need a gaming desk to help you set up your gaming space in the most appropriate way to optimize your gaming experience. A gaming computer desk not only improves your game but also helps in […]

Best Gaming Chairs with Trusted Models and Reviews

Best PC Gaming Chairs

When budgeting for a PC Gaming console-setup, how much do you allocate a new Gaming Chair? Probably it might not reach up to the graphic card amount which you spent. In fact the overall experience of PC gaming integral with how many years of experience. The best gaming experience will come along with at most […]