What is the difference between a broker and a trader?

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If you’re going to access the global forex market, you’ll need to leverage an online brokerage or trading platform. The issue here is that not all of these entities have been created equal, with the terms ‘trader’ and ‘broker’ often used interchangeably despite being different and meaning variable things to investors. In this post, we’ll […]

How to Trade Forex for Beginners?


Forex trading, the term foreign exchange (also known as forex) refers to the global over-the-counter market in which traders, investors, institutions, and banks exchange, speculate on, buy and sell the world’s currencies. Trade forex at AvaTrade Forex trading takes place in the interbank market at AvaTrade, which is an online channel through which currencies are […]

COVID-19 Crisis and Volatility in the Forex Market

Forex Market

The COVID-19 pandemic that has the world firmly in its grips is taking a terrible toll on all aspects of our lives, economy included. Experts were predicting a recession as soon as the news of how serious the disease was started coming from Wuhan back in December. The South Asian and Australian markets were the […]

Strategies That Lead to a Successful Career in Forex Trading

Forex Trading

In many ways, it has never been easier to launch as a career in forex trading. After all, technological innovation has removed many of the historic barriers to entry, enabling the forex market to generate around $5.1 trillion per day in trading volumes However, while it may be easier than ever to set out as […]

How did we get here? The history of forex trading

Forex Trading

Trading in forex is without any doubt a big money spinner and each year billions of dollars worth of business is being done in trading of various currencies across the world. However, it would be pertinent to mention here that the whole thing did not happen overnight. There is a big history attached to forex […]