How to start your week right?

Woman putting calendar on the wall.

Every weekend most of us think of starting the coming week right. Because in a certain age of life we think to extract most out of the week which gets wasted in just office and then homework. So, how to start your week right? The easiest way to start the week right is at that […]

5 reasons why students must listen to music while writing

Woman listen to music while writing

How many times in life have you faced a writer’s block while writing a creative piece? Writing is an art, and articulately weaving ideas into an artistic piece is quite difficult. To be honest, several times in my life have I faced a creative block, owing to which I have fallen into the pit of […]

6 exercises to train your brain

Exercises to Train Your Brain

Today most of us go to the gym to exercise our muscles, run for our endurance and do yoga for our flexibility. Although these exercises are recommended and healthy, we sometimes forget to exercise the most important part of our body, our brain. Our brain is made up of nerve cells called neurons that are […]

How to train your brain to focus?

Exercises to Train Your Brain

For the most part, multitasking isn’t real or even possible. Why do we ask our brains to do it? Because … It makes us feel better; when we can switch around and flit from one little task to another, we feel like we’re doing a lot even if we’re actually accomplishing less. Because … It […]