5 onboarding strategies for new employees to ensure compliance and success

Woman building onboarding strategies

Proper employee onboarding is not only important for the success of your teams and your company as a whole, but it’s also crucial for ensuring compliance across the board. While many talk about how you can effectively onboard newcomers by training them to do their jobs or settle into their team, you should also focus […]

Effective Ways to Encourage Safe Work Practices

Safe Work Practices

Maintaining a safe workplace is essential for avoiding accidents and keeping a high level of productivity. However, meeting that goal is not always straightforward, especially when companies are large or have numerous departments. Following best practices is an ideal way to get started and emphasize that safety is a necessity. Make health and safety training […]

How to handle sexual harassment in the workplace?

Sexual Harassment

In our lifetime, we’ll spend around 35% of our life at work. That’s almost half of our life so to think that we could spend the majority of that life being sexually harassed is extremely terrifying and enough to over-stress one. It comes in mental as well as physical forms which will have significant effects […]

How to Encourage Health in the Workplace?

Healthy Workplace

Healthy workers are happy workers, which also makes employers happy too. Sick days cost employers a lot of money and time, and many illnesses can be avoided through healthier living. Why not start this directly from the workplace? Conditions like obesity can have long-term health effects including diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, and helping to […]

What Can You Do to Make Your Employees Feel Good About Themselves?

There are many factors that affect a company’s success. You, as a business owner, have to be able to juggle all of them, from finding financing and managing the cash flow to approving your marketing strategies and maintaining good relations with your partners. However, there is one crucial aspect of running a business which you […]