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Best Tips to Acquire and Retain Your eCommerce Customers

eCommerce Customer Retention

Many experienced eCommerce professionals will tell you that customer retention is the key to long-term success in the increasingly-competitive eCommerce industry, and they would be right. However, customer retention is but one part of the eCommerce success model, and the other is customer acquisition. Even though acquisition can be way more expensive than retention, you […]

How to Build a Successful Online Business in This Pandemic?

Build Successful Online Business This Pandemic

Undeniably, many businesses are massively affected by COVID-19. There are a lot of struggles everyone is facing because of the current situation, but this does not mean that you can never bounce back or do something to secure the business you have built. This might be a tough season, for now, nonetheless, your venture will […]

Cloud-Based Solutions Are Redesigning Global eCommerce Platform Management


Cloud-based solutions are completely redesigning global eCommerce platform management. Every business has goals and aspirations that are completely unique. Cloud-based systems provide advanced technical solutions to manage your individual business needs. Even the way eCommerce sites are built stem from cloud-based DevOps tools, like Docker, Git, Kubernetes, or Helm. Docker, among the most revolutionary, is […]

How Does a Company Benefit from Blockchain Technology?


The Blockchain technology is known mainly for its cryptographic currency. However, this technology can also be used in traditional as well as new businesses. Let me remind you that a blockchain is a distributed database that contains information about all operations performed between parties – participants of any process. Records from the registry are visible […]

How to Calculate Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate?

Abandoned Shopping Cart

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate? In the eCommerce terminology, shopping cart abandonment rate is the percentage of online shoppers who items the shopping cart but abandon it without completing the purchase. It simple term, it is a percentage of potential buyers who were truly interested in an item or service but leaves without buying […]