9 future drone applications that have industry leaders excited


To many people, drones seem like little more than glorified remote control vehicles. Yes, they’re great for taking amazing vacation shots, but not much else. However, this view of drones is a little short-sighted. It turns out that the market is growing all the time and some rather clever innovators are coming up with multiple […]

Best drone companies — buyer’s guide

Best Drone Companies

The drone industry has expanded leaps and bounds since the portable aerial technology first came into the limelight. So, whether you are a surveyor or a hobbyist, owning a drone requires a bit of research before you make your very first drone purchase. First, it’s critical to understand the difference between a quadcopter that is […]

Best camera drones (quadcopters)

Best Drone Cameras

Gone are the days when photography was confined to a black and white Polaroid pictures. Today drone cameras and other digital trends have taken the world by storm. Ever wondered how filmmakers manage to get a bird-eye view (a full long shot of sorts) over mountains and rivers? Ariel Photography is the answer. Drone cameras have […]