How long does LCD Conditioning take?

LCD Conditioning program is a feature to clear any visual errors, fault, and malfunction in the Dell monitor. However, users often make mistakes by thinking about how long it will take to finish as soon as they start that LCD conditioning program. Actually, a user who never tries and tested it often understands this feature […]

What is LCD Conditioning?

Stuck Pixels

LCD screens are not like CRT monitors. LCD screen uses a panel of pixels to produce the visuals. Over a period of time, such LCD Panels may face “Image Persistence” or “Stuck Pixel” issues. Sometimes individual pixel may be stuck with a single color for the whole time; no matter what colors are being projected, […]

Best Dell laptops

Best Dell Laptops

Dell is one of the best laptop brands known for its quality and after-sales service. Dell offers users an impressive collection of laptops ranging from premium XPS Ultrabooks and Alienware gaming rigs to Latitude Business laptops. The XPS models are especially drool-worthy with their InfinityEdge display and sensitive keyboards. The lack of a powerful technical […]