The right working space to nurture your creativity

Working space

It is vital that you have a space to work in that brings out your creativity. A business’s success often depends on the entire team’s ideas. In today’s society, it is very important for the workforce to be creative, especially with the fast pace at which things develop. Many CEOs have said that creativity is […]

How to maintain your productivity?

Maintain Productivity

Gaining productivity is a challenge, maintaining it even more so. Add a new goal or objective and things can get scary. We worked hard to get where we are in life, and things are running smoothly… for the most part. This new thing has the potential to pop in and muck everything up. So, how […]

How to deal with resistance?

Deal with Resistance

You’ll meet resistance every day everywhere you go as you engage in creative work. Your own resistance has its purposes, and you can learn to use your internal resistance as a tool. But how do you deal with external resistance? 3 significant factors. Whatever method you use, there are three important factors to keep in […]

5 habits to grow a positive attitude towards life?

Develop Positive Attitude

Becoming a more positive and productive person is all about making simple, significant changes in your habits. Sound too much like a New Year’s resolution that’s doomed to fail? It’s not. You don’t need to master every positive change, all at once, in order to see a difference. Just try one, completely and immediately, and […]

How to Work Less and Get More Done?

Work Less and Get More Done

A lot of people have started online businesses hoping to be able to quit their full-time job in the near future. But in the process, while they’re still just starting to build their business and still aren’t making much money, they’re spending so much time on their businesses that they begin to hate their lives. […]