How to fix scheduled events are running late in WordPress?

In WordPress, scheduled events are what periodically looks for updates to plugins, themes and WordPress itself. It is also what makes sure scheduled posts are published on time. It may also be used by various plugins (which uses schedule mechanisms) to make sure that planned actions are executed. But due to some internal glitches scheduled […]

Drupal vs WordPress: Comparison of two outstanding CMS

Drupal vs WordPress

WordPress is a leading content management system (CMS) which powers a large number of websites on the internet. When it comes to picking a CMS for building websites, two names stand out i.e. WordPress vs Drupal. Each of these content management systems has a wide array of features and functions, their own loyal community of […]

How to remove jQuery Migrate from WordPress?

jQuery Migrate

When it comes to website optimization, even an additional request matters a lot, especially when users are accessing it from the mobile platform. jQuery is the biggest javascript file that is loaded alongside your theme. If your theme uses a mobile menu or similar jQuery-based functions, you will require jQuery anyway, but jQuery Migrate is […]