How to engage special education for students in the time of Corona?

Online class

In response to the pandemic that brought everything to a swift halt, schools around the globe have had to develop continuous learning plans to help their students complete their academic year. Some of these plans require that teachers interact with their students via online learning platforms. For students requiring special education, this has not been […]

How classroom technology benefits students and their instructors?

Classroom Technology

Technology is gradually creeping into the classrooms, slowly taking over the traditional methods of imparting education. From the use of slide projectors to the introduction of computers, laptops, and iPads in the classes, it is been seen as the next big thing that is going to revolutionize the field of education. The reason for this […]

Cool things you can do with Google classroom

Google Classroom

A cool innovation, Google Classroom, available at classroom.google.com, is a versatile tool to help students with their education. What is known to be a Google Apps for Education, Cafe domain for short, this tool is available in a number of progressive schools today. The reason why Google Classroom continues to get it widespread is that students […]

Easy ways to use technology in the classroom

Multimedia Presentations

It is without a doubt that many students want their teachers to incorporate technology into their daily teaching activities. Unfortunately, these teachers are always busy prepping students for tests, meeting standards, and some are not knowledgeable enough about the use of computers. This essay is going to shade light on some easy ways the teacher […]